National Geographic Jan 1946 SOUTHEASTERN US INDIANS

In this Historical Issue:
Nevada, Desert Treasure House
Headlines of Mining History
Admiral Halsey returns from Japan
Nevada's State Capital
Lakes once filled the basins
Virginia Street in Reno
Reno gave Halsey the saddle for Hirohito's white horse
Cathedral Gorge
Paiute Indians
Valley of Fire
Kennecott Reduction Plant at McGill
Ranches along Lower Truckee River
Steamboat Springs
Boulder Dam
Lake Tahoe
Elko County
Carson Valley
Carson City
Pat McCarran
Fremont Street in Las Vegas (you won't recognize it!)
Europe's Looted Art
Mountains of Nazi loot
Nazis Stupid in their collecting
Why some museums were spared
Gen Eisenhower inspects a salt mine treasure trove after its capture by Patton's Third Army
Netherlands Liberation
Heavy Pillaging in Tuscany
Siegen Prussia
Return of an 8-ton statue
Rich loot from Paris turns up in a Bavarian Castle
Greece was fortunate
Salt Mines preserve paintings
Swords of Frederick the Great
11 photos
Indians of the Southeastern United States
Calusa were fierce fighters
The Creek Confederacy
Seminole of the Florida Everglades
Pocahontas the "Playful"
A Royal gift for Powhatan
The Green Corn Ceremony
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