National Geographic Jan 1952 KING RANCH TX/CHUBB CRATER

In this Historical Issue:
Solving the Riddle of Chubb Crater
Crater named for Arctic prospector
Burnt Creek
Chubb far larger than Arizona crater
5 billion tons of shattered granite
Chubb's fish are out of shape, heads big, bodies slender
Crater more than 2 miles wide
38 photos
America's "Meat on the Hoof"
Because Housewives want smaller beef roasts, bigger and leaner chops
scientific breeders remodel the steer and the hog
Meat leading national industry
Texas first in beef cattle
Steer round-up in Arizaona
Meat from the milk belt
British Tamworths
Poland Chinas
Red Durocs
the Hampshire
Warren Montfort's Feed Lots near Greeley Colorado
Top ford Bull in America for 1950
Robert Lazear of the Wyoming ford Ranch
Lloyd Robinson Big Spring Texas
18 photos
King Ranch, Cattle Empire in Texas
900,000 Texas Acres
Famous Santa Gertrudis Breed
Mrs Richard Kleberg Jr
Rhode Island could be fitted into the King Ranch with room to spare
Running-W Brand
Cross between shorthorns and fever-resisting Brahmans
Richard King 1853
Robert Kleberg Jr
Rhodes Grass
One-room school also serving as church
Laureles Division
Experiments with multi-nippled sheep
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