NATIONAL LAMPOON MAGAZINE-An entire collection in one lot! 25 issues!!!

National Lampoon issues April 1971 (Frazetta cover, bent corner). Jan 1972 (bad spine), June 1972 (Frazetta), Oct 1972, Nov 1972, Dec 1972, Jan 1973 (famous dog cover, nice condition with some wear on the spine)May 1973 (all in good condition) August 1973 (Frazetta cover, tape on spine and cover disconnected from issue) Oct 1973, Oct 1974 (Good condition), July 1975 (3D glasses included), Jan 1982 (Cover split and not attached to issue),Dec 1980, June 1981, Feb 1989, Best of The rest are all square bound, and at least double size the regular magazine: National Lampoon 1, 3, 4, National Lampoon Volume 1 Tenth Anniversary Anthology, National Lampoon 1964 High School Yearbook, The National Lampoon Encyclopedia of Humor (2 copies for some reason--your guess!), National Lampoon Very Large Book of Comical Funnies, National Lampoon Sunday Newspaper Parody (Printed on Newsprint and shows significant yellowing and fraying on the edges.
Here is your chance to get a great start on a collection of the early National Lampoons. I bought all of these issues off of the stands as a kid, and I found them funny, sexy, and deeply subversive. This is a mixed bag of condition. Mose of them are in reasonably nice condition, but all of them have air darkened spines. I stored them on a book case, so where they were exposed to air, on the spine, the
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