National Wild Turkey Federation - NWTF/RMEF "Glowing Echoes" Framed Elk Print

I have up for bid a new 2011 Limited Edition NWTF "Glowing Echoes" Framed Print that is ready to be displayed in the home or office. It is signed and numbered 301 of 2300. It is a large print and the frame measures 32" x 25.5". The artist is Greg Alexander. This limited edition print is brand new and it was just removed from its shipping box a few days ago at a NWTF event.

With two cows in tow, a bull elk gives off a blasting bugle into the day's waning light. Alexander captures a minute in the life of Rocky Mountain elk: "I want to reveal something about the personality of each species and not merely paint portraits," he said. Framed. Image size: 15.5" x 22" Limited edition of 2,300.

I have run out of wall space in my home and I have no where else to hang my new artwork. The wife says I have to much NWTF artwork and some of it has to go. Here's your chance to score on some limited edition rare NWTF artwork. You want find this in any outdoor related art gallery or store. It is only available at NWTF related fundraisers. Made In The USA! The elk print will be packaged and shipped from a UPS store which guarantees the limited edition print will be insured against damage or loss. Thanks for looking!