Native Alaskan Indian Beaded Mukluks Moccasins

These beatifully beaded mukluk moccasins are from the Yukon in Alaska. I do not know the age but I believe they are from the mid-1900's. They are beautifully beaded on the top of the moccasin's and the upper part of the boot w it says YUKON. The beading is intact and very well done. The fur is some kind of animal fur and the moccasins are hide. They have been worn and are soiled on the bottom and a little stained around the seam of the moccasins. These Mukluks sell for $500 and up.

They are 10.5" long and 3.5" wide at the ball of the foot. They are about 10" tall. I believe they are about an 8.5 in women's size.