Native American Design Deerskin Rifle Scabbard Case

This auction is a SIOUX STYLE DEERSKIN RIFLE SCABBARD/CASE. It if fully lined with red wool flannel from end to end. The "fringe" on the butt end is made from hand dyed horsehair with brass cone embellishments. The other end has long twisted deerskin fringe and is also decorated. It has two additional straps around each end with rolled button closures. These are to be used over the horn of a saddle or to hang your heavy rifle on the wall or over the mantel. Or if you don't wish to use them can be easily removed. This is museum quality. Handmade and stitched with sinew in a very durable and strong "flat stitch". The open end of the case is reinforced and laced with deerhide lacing. All of my work comes with an "heirloom guarantee " to insure longevity of workmanship.

This item is NOT beaded, beadwork or quillwork, but is an artform of my own creation called "QUILL PAINTING" Please see the about "me" page for further details and history of my work. Unlike beadwork or quill work, this is virtually INDESTRUCTABLE . It is signed and dated on a tag inside.

I have sold many of these in the past to SASS shooters, Mountainman Buckskinners, Movie costumers for Props, or just as a beautiful way to display that favorite rifle over your mantel. Makes for a great addition to those who love the RANCH, WESTERN, NATIVE AMERICAN
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