Native American Drums handpainted Turtle Drum

Authenic Native American Art

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16" Natural Elk Drum. Hand painted by artist Linda Silvas.
Deep, healing tone. This Drum will make a statement just hanging on
the wall. Natural Elk hide is soaked in clean rain water/well water
with a branch from Grandfather cedar tree... no chemicals. The Spirit of the Turtle
moves in this Drum.
Back of Trutle Drum is embellished with buckskin.
Drum beater is wrapped with buckskin.
Side view of 16 "Turtle Drum. Signature of Linda's Tribe Juaneno Band of Mission Indians, Acjachemen Nation.
Linda Silvas
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The acual pictures of the drum.

About me.

Welcome to my site, my name is Linda Silvas; I am Native American Indian from the Juaneno Band of Mission Indians Acjachemen Nation and originate from San Diego, California. I now live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States w my studio is located at the base of the Olympic Mountains. This is w I make my Drums, Native artwork and write books. I am Author of "Mama Bear Baby Bear" Indian Lore and an International Speaker traveling our Mother Earth speaking about substance abuse and family circle. My book is written from my own personal experience of raised Baby Bear for eight years. I now travel
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