Native American Grizzly Bear Claw Leather Necklace

Warrior's Bear Claw (grizzly) Leather Necklace..

Hootchoo Quality Reproductions

To the Native American Warriors the grizzly was a sign of great power and strength, The warrior's would often have a claw attached to a neck strap or to their arrow quivers, to show the honor and respect they felt for the bear, and hopefully by doing so, would pass some of the power and strength of the grizzly on to the warrior.

Necklace Comes with...4" Grizzly Bear Claw (high end polyurethane reproduction, hand painted, amazing detail) looks just like the real claw. 4- solid brass indian crow beads to compliment pendant. 1/8" dark brown leather tong neck strap (tong is super strong leather). fully adjustable strap, wear as choker or full lenght. (simple sliding knot adjustment, not clasps or ring to mess with). Great Necklace To Wear Comes Ready To Wear

Made in the USA