Native American Ice Glider/ Snow Snake-game piece

Up for bid is one ice glider or snow snake, game piece 5 1/2" long. This was a very popular game with the Dakota Indians, as most sites contained these game pieces. This is the last ice glider I will be listing for awhile so if you want one is your chance, please don't miss this opportunity to expand your collection! I just saw one of these sell awhile back on a private website for $150.00. Guaranteed authentic. I have added some additional info about these below. The last picture was taken from the following article and is just an example.

Choice of ;
Ian Dyck, Curator, Plains Archaeology.

Object of the month;
Ice Glider ; This segment of bone is part of a gaming device known as an "ice glider." Plains Indians made ice gliders out of ribs and feathers for use in a winter game. To make an ice glider, a bison rib was first broken to the correct length by grooving and snapping. Then a distinctive design was cut or incised onto it to indicate the identity of the owner. Two large feathers were inserted into one end to assist the flight of the finished object (see attached diagram). Once completed, the ice glider was thrown by hand into the air so that it would fly as far as possible. As it landed, it would continue to glide along the surface of the snow, or ice, if the game was played on a lake or river,
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