Native American Indian Headdress WarBonnet by LH

Indian Headdress War Bonnet

By Larry Hovey

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Headdress was made by my father, who is part Native American (but not tribally affiliated).

It features a leather crown with approx 40 feathers. Each also features plumes at the tips and at the bases.
The crown features a strip of Indian beadwork across the top, with real rabbit strips hanging on either side as well as strips of buckskin decorated with pony beads and turkey feathers. A rosette on each side decorate w the rabbit meets the cap. Headdresses like this normally retail for WELL over $300! is your chance!
Winner pays bid plus $8.00 shipping to USA, $25 Internationally. I accept paypal, checks and money orders, but checks must clear before I will ship.

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