The Thinker
This is a medium to large 20"x26" oil painting on board. It is an image of a Native American brave captured in a moment of thought. Perhaps considering his options. It celebrates a momentto listen and anticipate the next move. This art work has smooth gentle brushstrokes with cool blue grays and warm deep earth tones.
Laurelle Macy grew up on a farm in northern Canada. Endless in its dimensions, untamed in its spirit, curious in its isolation, to Laurelle it is this and more. It is the stuff of passion, of creation, of timeless inspiration. Macy’s relationship with the land and its people is a seasoned one. Raised in a series of bush camps, Indian reservations and boom towns in Canada’s North West Territories, Macy understood early on, that her paintings could act as windows to a world little seen by others, but well known and loved by her.
Laurelle first obtained her Associates in Adverting Design. She worked as a graphic designer before moving on to get her Bachelors in art at Brigham Young University. After returning to the north Laurelle enjoyed success in a number of galleries, festival and commissions. Her and her family moved to Utah w she completed her master’s degree at the University of Idaho and has been actively involved in advanced design education at the college level.
Laurelle’s major
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