Native American Mas'au Kachina by Verlan Fred


Authentic Traditional & Contemporary Native American Fine Arts

Pottery Kachinas Jewelry Weaving Crystals Minerals Rock Art

Condition- new

Tribe: Hopi

Artist- Verlan Fred

Third Mesa, AZ

This is a Traditional Hopi Kachina . It is an original work of art by artist Verlan Fred. Verlan has a degree in Fine Art from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This is the MS'SAU kachina. MAS'SAU is the Landlord over Earth. He works for the creator and watches over the Earth. There is the bamboo reed that the Hopis left the 3rd world through to enter into this the 4th world. There are Hopi villages. At the base is the fire through which Mas'Sau travels at night. In his hands he holds the planting stick and the Corn Mother. His headdress has eagle feathers for prayer and protection and prayer sticks. He wears a Hopi belt and ceremonial kilt. The colors of his face represent different seeds.

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