Native American NAVAJO Pottery Hozoni Vase Western NEW

NEW!!! Navajo Tappered Jar Pottery

4 1/2 inches wide 5 1/2 inches tall

Dusty Leather Series

A band of hand-tooled leather look encircles the center of the caramel colored pottery.

A signature series of the western look. This Wonderful Tappered Jar is a great example of the artistic creations of the Navajo Artists.

A Navajo Native American artist created this Tappered Jar at Hozoni Pottery .

Hozoni (Ho' sho' knee): A Navajo word meaning panoramic beauty, selected to descibe the distinctive pottery. It depicts the beauty of the Navajo people, their culture, and the land in which they live. Delbert Blackhorse created this Vase about 20 years ago at Hozoni Pottery which at that time was located in Bluff, Utah, a small southeastern pioneer town situated on the northern edge of the Navajo reservation, in the heart of the four corners.

Bluff was the home to an ancient Indian civilization thriving years ago know as the Anasazi. The Anasazis' disappearance is still unexplained, however, they left an abundant heritage of ruins, pottery, and rock art. This rich cultural environment has given the artists a diverse source of inspiration and design which is incorporated into their unique and beautiful signature pottery.

This vase was created about 20 years ago and has been
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