Native American Navajo Sand Paintings,Begay,Johnson Old

Native American Navajo Sand Paintings,Begay,Johnson Old Search
Three Navajo Sand Paintings "Double Yei" by Begay "Healing God" by L. Johnson "Water Creator (?) " by Bryant (?)

I picked these paintings up at a yard sale. Double Yei and Water Creator are 9" x 9" framed. Healing God is 7 1/2" X 4 1/2" framed. They are previously owned and not perfect. "Healing God" looks good. The cork on the back of "Double Yei" has expanded a bit in the upper and lower left hand corner but is not noticeable on the front. "Water Creator" has a few light spots on the upper left of the front. As you can see by the photos, they are not in perfect condition but they are still lovely.

The Navajo word for sandpaintings means "place w the gods come and go." The sandpainting has been used for centuries in religious rituals, including healing ceremonies performed by Navajo medicine men. A sandpainting for a ceremony is made on the ground in the ceremonial hogan and destroyed at the end of the ritual. In order to preserve this long-standing tradition, in the late 1940's Navajos began to create permanent sandpaintings, changing the design slightly to protect the religious significance when these paintings were shown publicly. Pictorial sandpaintings which reflect the Navajo environment and lifestyle are also made. Today sandpaintings are
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