Hand Made Rawhide Drum by artist Phillip Martinez of Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, dated 1998.

Drum size is 9" diameter by 3-1/2" wide.

This drum is hand-painted with acrylic paint, which is durable, and finished with a coat of varnish to seal the painting. Phillip Martinez was born and raised on the Taos Pueblo Indian Reservation in Northern New Mexico. A fluent Tiwa-speaker, he grew up a full-participating member of the tribe, and was a grateful observer of traditional roles. His father and maternal grandfather each served as War Chief for Taos Pueblo, keepers of the tribe's resources.

Phillip was influenced early on by his grandfather who made drums for kiva ceremonies, which are part of the tribe's still-vital native religion. And now when Phillip makes a drum, it is not something he takes lightly. He deeply recognizes that his drums are part of a heritage that goes back to a time when his ancestors knew nothing of the world beyond their beliefs and the gifts of Mother Earth.

As such, he takes great pride in making drums that are an integral part of that unbroken tradition. Mr. Martinez has been making drums since 1978, from hollowing out and sanding the shells, to stretching and lacing the hide over the shells, he is completely involved in all aspects of drum-making.

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