Vintaged MicMac Moccasins, made by my Granduncle around 1960, a Mi'kmaq tribe enrolled member, now with the Creator. This is for serious buyers. This is a family heirloom in excellent condition. They have seen many Indian Gatherings. How can I describe this work? I guess the photos speak for themselves. The scroll design is MicMac and is called double curve, in Mi'kmaq culture this design has a deep rooted sacred life meaning, they are taken from the old petroglyph's designs found carved in caves or on slabs of slate in certain sites of Nova Scotia, P.E.I., and Newfoundland. They date pre-1500 A.D. ca., In Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq petroglyph's are located within the boundaries of Kejimkujik National Park, and at McGowan Lake, N.S. the area now called Bedford. This photo pays no justice to the beauty of this piece. I promise you this Moccasins are one of a kind and fantastically beautiful. They measures 10 1/2" Long 4" Wide but are a bit stretched from usage.The bead work is on red and navy wool broadcloth, tanned elk skin, as you see from the photos t is a variety of vintaged colored beads, it is trimmed with purple and navy blue silk satin ribbons. Good auction every one!!! By mikjikj-pipuqwes-skw
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