native instruments komplete 8

This package is compatible with both Windows and OS X systems, and includes:
SOFTWARE: Absynth 5 Battery 3 FM8 Guitar Rig 5 Pro Kontakt 5 Massive Reaktor 5 SAMPLE LIBRARIES AND INSTRUMENTS: Abbey Road 60s Drums Berlin Concert Grand New York Concert Grand Rammfire Reaktor Prism Reaktor Spark R2 Reflektor Scarbee MM-Bass Scarbee Vintage Keys Studio Drummer The Finger R2 Traktors 12 Transient Master Upright Piano Vintage Organs West Africa Komplete doesn't really need an introduction - it's a huge, huge repertoire of instruments, effects and gizmos to make music with. I'm selling it on primarily because I've found that the only two things in the package I predominantly use are Massive and Battery, the former of which I'm planning on just buying an individual license for and the latter I only used for loading my own samples (something that I can do with any drum sampler).