Native Iron Disco Island Greenland Foote specimen

Native Iron with Basalt

Uivfaq (Ovifak) , Qeqertarsuaq Island (Disko Island) , Kitaa (West Greenland) Province , Greenland

Very rare mineral from an unusual locality. Comes with a photocopy of the original Dr A.E. Foote label that was with a much larger piece. This piece was probably collected late in the 19th or early in the 20th century. Labeled as Disco Island Greenland. The 'iron' is actually a combination of iron, and iron carbide (cohenite) and various-silicate, sulphide and oxide inclusions containing numerous nickel-iron minerals including kamacite, fayalite, wustite, troilite, ulvospinel, ilmenite, ferriferous pigeonite, and FeO-rich glass. This nice slice weighs 19.45 g 4cm X 2cm X 0.5cm.

Cube measures 1cm for scale but is not included with the lot.

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