Natty Boh Billiards Pool hall Poster Print vintage sign art decor Baltimore

Here’s a Print from an original piece by sign painter/ folk artist Mark Z.or..." Zeke" .
This Print is a Natty Boh can Red with white letters,classic Black and barley gold colors. it also has an "yard sale pick" pool rack i attached for a unique 3-d look.
Plus Mr. Boh is hand painted inside the rack to inform players of the pool hall rules. --since he loves calling the Shots !
This composition is all Zeke's design & Freehand lettering style.
This art was created using Finestra Art Premium Luster Paper & Epson K3 Vivid inks.
Art fits in a standard size 16 by 20 inch.
There are many fine graphic artists out there, but to get the look & feel of actual FREE hand lettering with unique freehand drawn type styles, Zeke's Antique Signs uses lettering quills & sign paints rather than
Photoshop & Imaging Software.
The original is shown in the 3 rd image.
Check out Zeke's Process of Signs > Print making -
* This Print is also available in 11 by 14 inch, and includes Print & MAT
Need a special size ? drop a note / request.
A few notes and clarifications:
• The watermark -"
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