Natural Crystal SKULL Translucent Glitter Prayer Ritual

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I specialize in Sinkiang HeTian white Nephrite jade and i am confident to say that all the jadewares in my auctions are the best quality jade material in the world. Go ahead to bid on them and they will not let you down!:)

Description: Natural Crystal SKULL! Translucent Glitter ! Prayer Ritual

its, of fine lines, Curve is exquisite, Rare artwork, absolute can not miss!!!

Weight: 1350 / 1650 g

Length: 128 mm/ 5.04 inches

Width : 76 mm/ 2.99 inches

High : 88 mm/ 3.46 inches

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0~99 g 100~199 g 200~299 g each additional 100 g $8.00 $8+$2.3 $8+$2.3+$2.3 +additional $2.3

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