Natural Genuine Rare Form Lace Coral Home Decor Beach Wedding 8.25" x 6.5" LC-35

This fabulous piece of natural, genuine Rare Form Lace Coral measures 8.25 " across by 6.5" deep and is 4" tall. It is in beautiful condition with a gorgeous ivory white color. This is a delicate coral, but it is sturdy enough to sit beautifully. This piece is wonderfully shaped, it looks stunning on a shelf or on a table. There will be natural imperfections, as shown in photos, these add to the beauty and character of genuine coral. Notice the delicate beauty of the coral in the close-up photos.
Coral is a wonderful accent piece for your beach or vacation home, but is just a stunning in more traditional settings. We absolutely love mixing coral with our vintage industrial decor, we find it softens the look and the pop of color and organic shapes really add "wow factor" to the industrial look.
No harm was done to the coral reefs to get this coral. It has been aqua-cultured, or grown in tidal pools to be harvested. They follow strict regulations, just as the timber industry, and replant constantly the coral that is removed.
We have shipped lots of coral successfully, it will be very, very carefully packed and fully insured.