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The Occult University is a collection of rare books and ancient/sacred texts, lectures, audio books and instructionals that I have personally collected over the years. Many of the books are scans of books that cost thousands or more for the original. Many of which you can no longer find for sale. The total value of this collection is well over $100,000, but to the true seeker of knowledge, these books are priceless. All books are in PDF format so they can be read on Ipads, E-readers, Kindle, Android Tablets, Mac and PC's.

This collection is tremendously important. Within this collection, is a wealth of knowledge about where our rights truly come from. Not man, but nature. In the United States we are constantly fighting to maintain what our founding fathers set up. We lose rights and liberties over time. How have we let this happen? The term "Natural Law" can be found many times in our founding documents.

You cannot call yourself a true American until you understand what our founding fathers tried to create. These men were the products of classical educations and birthed the Enlightenment. We have lost our way.

The Occult University Library is proud to present 116 rare books ...

The science of rights (1889).pdf

The source, the strength, and the true spirit of laws (1753).pdf

The voter's handbook;
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