Natural Moldavite crystal - undamaged

Natural Raw Moldavite
Direct from prospector from the Czech Republic - genesis of moldavites - not from resellers from other country
Moldavite parameters: Moldavite size: 20 x 16 x 5 mm
(10mm = 0.394in, 1" = 25.4mm)Moldavite weight: 12.0ct - 2.4 gram Moldavite quality: undamaged
Locality: Chlum Moldavite pictures - scroll down please ......

Market price: $39

Services Shipping Item location: the Czech Republic (origin of moldavites) Combined shipping - only $0.5 for next item. Example:
One moldavite - total shipping cost: $4.3
Two moldavites: $4.8
Three moldavites: $5.2 Worldwide Returns: 14 days money back Why you should buy this moldavite: This natural moldavite is direct from the Czech Republic – from prospector. No fake from China , Africa and other location. No overpriced low-quality moldavite from resellers. Photos of this moldavite from all sides are under this text. Most of my moldavites are "fresh" - found no more than 4 month ago, stored in clean environment. Returns: 14 days money back or item exchange Safe packaging

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Moldavite pictures: