Navajo Native American Indian Rug Blanket Textile weave

This is bold and beautiful GANADO NAVAJO RUG - it is estimated to be from about 1940 (1930-1950) and is a fine piece ready to proudly display in your home or office. The condition is excellent with 2 almost barely percievable stains in the white - see last photo for pic. of stains which are very light and not noticeable unless specifically pointed out ( I had to take several photos in sunlight for these 2 spots to show for this listing). The light stains show on one side ONLY! Very refined wools on this rug, expertly spun and carded. The several shades of grey, the dark brown, and the white are hand spun, shorn, and carded wools. The red is Ganado Red aniline dye on hand spun and shorn wool.

The size of this rug is 44 1/2" X 33", with a a warp of 10 and a weft of 36 - a very finely woven piece! 100% wool both warp and weft. The End Selvage Cords, a braid of 3, two-ply dark brown wool yarns, are in excellent condition, as are the Side Selvage Cords, a twist of 2, two-ply brown wool yarns. Both side and end selvage are 100% intact with no breaks. All 4 corner tassels are present tin in good condition.

NO holes, NO moth/bug damage, NO dye bleeding, NO fading, NO fraying - all wool is sound and sturdy.

This rug has LAZY LINES.

Rug lays flat and is square.

Many fine looking variations within the hand

Both sides photographed.

A very unique NAVAJO weaving.

Guaranteed Authentic Navajo Nation Rug

Feel free to contact me with questions, to request additional pictures, or to add comments about this blanket/rug.

NOTE: Rug has not reached reserve yet so I wanted to add - The stains are very light on the side phtographed (last photo), however 1 does barely show through on the other side, it is very light, the camera will not pick it up, you may not even notice it but I try to decribe my rugs as accurately as possible. I have lowered my Reserve some as a result of this oversight (I looked at it carefully indoors and in sunlight today). This is still an incredibles weaving, wovern very tightly and refined! The pics do no justice for it -Beautiful in hand!

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