Navajo pot Juanita Wilson * Native American pottery wedding vase

Etched Navajo large wedding vase by Juanita Wilson

Native American pottery


This is a really great wedding vase carved by popular Navajo

potter Juanita Wilson.

It is a rather large pot - it stands approximately 13 1/2" - 14" tall, is

about 9" wide. It is truly quite beautiful. It is rather heavy as well,

at over 7 pounds. I have included a photo of the pot next to a can of

soda and a quarter to give you some perspective (and because the

soda and the quarter have been starring in a lot of my pottery photos

lately - don't want them to feel left out :-D ). You do NOT get the

soda or the quarter, but you DO get a great piece of pottery!

This pot is in great condition, with no chips or cracks.

On the bottom, it is signed "Wilson 06 Navajo".

This is a beautiful piece that would be perfect for pottery

collectors, Native American art collectors, or anyone looking for a

wonderful piece of art to show-case in their home.


Juanita and her husband, Herb, come from a large family of pottery-makers

and have been making their own pottery for over 15 years. The people of

Arizona love their pottery so much that in the past couple of years,

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