Navajo Textile Mills Wool Blanket/Throw

Navajo Textile Mills, Inc. Wool Blanket - NIB - 60" x 84"

The Biil

This design represents a very old Navajo Indian comes from the Biil dress popular among the Navajo women during the 1800's. The dress was worn for special occasions such as weddings and other ceremonies. Two rectangles of handwoven black wool with identical end patterns were stiched together with openings at the top and upper corners for the head and arms. The original Biil was done in black with the design itself in aniline - dyed red. Later the black was changed to dark blue. Above the Biil design we have added a narrow version of one of the many woven belts used in various ceremonials of Native Americans. Wool is purchased by NAVAJO TEXTILE MILLS, INC. each year at shearing time from families on the Navajo reservation who raise both sheep and goats. Only the finest wool was selected to go into this blanket. Combined with the highes quality workmanship, this guarantees many years of warmth, comfort and beauty.