US naval aviators are a special breed, taking off and landing from pitching carrier decks at sea. During the mid-1970s, Navy "jet jockeys" transitioned from the tried and true F-4 Phantom to the sleek new thoroughbred, the F-14 Tomcat. The Tomcat was the first of the "super fighters", and dominated the skies for the next 35 years. This US Navy 1980s F-4 PHANTOM + F-14 TOMCAT FIGHTER PILOT BADGED NOMEX FLIGHT SUIT is in very good condition, with a seam tear at the inner front right ankle, a small frayed spot and a very small surface nick at the lower front right leg, a few small surface nicks in the lower back right leg, some small surface nicks at the right seat, a small spot of brownish soiling at the back right thigh, some stitch holes and a light shadow at the upper back right sleeve where another patch once was, some pilling to the nomenclature tag at the inside neck, and with some scattered age wear evident (some pictured). Otherwise, the flight suit is in fine shape, with no other damage to the tough sage Nomex construction. Most interestingly, it bears the classic embroidered naval aviator wings badge of "CAPT. D.W. SUTTER USN" at the left chest, and carries an "NAS PT MUGU" patch at the right chest, an "F-14 TOMCAT" patch at the right shoulder, an American flag patch at the left shoulder, US Navy Captain's rank insignia

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