Navy Arms Percussion Lock for Rem 1863 Zouave Rifle

Navy Arms Percussion Lock for 1863 Zouave Black Powder

For Remington Model 1863 Contract Rifle

This auction includes a beautiful used Percussion Lock and Hammer assembly by Navy Arms Co. This reproduction Lock can be used to build or restore a traditional Remington Model 1863 Contract Rifle, also know as the “Zouave Rifle”. I am not very knowledgeable about US Muzzle Loaders. Tfore I have included information gatd from other sources to identify this Lock. The “Zouave” Black Powder Muzzle Loading Rifles were originally made by Remington Arms from 1862 through 1865. This auction item is a reproduction of that Remington Percussion Lock assembly. This Lock (number 523) was sold by Navy Arms Company, imported from Zoli. Thankfully an eBay member brought to my attention that this item was previously identified incorrectly. Tfore on May 8, 2010 I took this Lock to an expert Gun Maker and he correctly identified this item as a Navy Arms reproduction of the Remington 1863 “Zouave” Lock. He confirmed that this Lock can also be used for a Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle. However, he pointed out that the original Lock for the 1841 Mississippi Rifle includes an additional screw located in front of the hammer. This Lock does not have that screw at that location. If you are not concerned about that one screw, then this Lock can also
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