U. S. Navy Binnacle Ship's Compass by Lietz

U. S. Navy Binnacle Ship's Compass by Lietz SPECIAL NOTE: We have listed this item as local pick up only as the Ebay shipping calculator cannot handle multiple packages for one item. Buyer may select to have all the parts shipped, or just some of them. As photographed the item would need to be shipped in 3 packages. The compass and housing will be shipped separate from the solid brass projection arms and the metal sps. The base would be a 3rd carton. Certainly you can contact us with your zip code regarding shipping costs.
U. S. Navy Binnacle Ship's Compass by Lietz
*This compass is in excellent original condition. The binnacle cylinder is rough, but the compass, housing, and projecting arms for supporting the quadrantal sps and the sps are exceptional.
*It carries an A. Lietz Co. San Francisco compass that is nearly 8 inches wide on the glass and 9 ¾ inches across the bezel. The housing is 7 ½ inches tall and the overall width of the projecting arms is 31 inches. The sps are 7 inches in diameter and weigh 25 pounds each. On the base, the unit is 46 inches tall to the top of the housing.
*The compass is marked on the dial and the top of the black bezel. The bezel marking also carries the serial number, 24106. The anchor and U.S. mark is on the underside of both projecting arms.
*I can certainly ship the
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