Navy Cross, CORPORAL LEROY DIAMOND, Signed, AL SCHMID, Pride of the Marines, 3x5

DESCRIPTION: this is a genuine, hand-signed signature on a 3x5 card. The illustration shows the insignia of the 1st Marine Division and was signed by a recipient of the Navy Cross, which is the 2nd-highest combat medal that can be earned by a member of the US Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard. It was autographed by LeRoy Diamond, who signed it in black ink and also wrote the date of the Guadalcanal invasion: "LeRoy Diamond, 8/7/42."

NOTE: this gentleman is now deceased and I only have just a very few of these signed cards left; I am keeping most for myself and my family...I frankly haven't decided whether I'm going to post any others on ebay after this one, so this might be the last one, which would mean no Second Chance Offer.

HISTORY: LeRoy Diamond was born in New York and joined the Marine Corps during World War II. The Brooklyn Marine trained as a machine gunner in Company H/2nd Battalion/1st Marines/1st Marine Division. Diamond was promoted to corporal and his unit invaded Guadalcanal in August 1942. On the 21st of that month, he was in command of a three-man, .30 caliber water-cooled machine gun team, positioned at the Tenaru River. The other two Marines were Private Johnny Rivers and Private Al Schmid.

Their position was attacked by an overwhelming number of Japanese infantrymen and in the fierce
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