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US Navy Mark 1 (MK1) Robeson Sheath Knife w/ Original Scabbard
This knife and scabbard set can be dated to the 1943-44 period of World War II , due to its known history and the NORD 4723 contract number on the scabbard.
The knife is 10 inches long, with a 5 inch blade length, and bears the markings "M.K. 1" and "Robeson SurEdge No 20" . The knife is in stable condition. The blade is very securely fixed into the handle, as is the aluminum pommel. There is significant chipping of the handle leather rings on one side(see photo). The blade needs cleaning, but its edge is sharp with no abuse marks or damage. The edge has not been over-sharpened, and appears to retain its original size and shape(see photo). I did not attempt any type of "restoration" or cleaning, as I know this process is a personal preference of restorers.
The scabbard is the original sheath issued with this knife. It is the webbing, plastic, and metal constructed scabbard used by the Navy at that time. It is marked, U.S.N. MK 1 and NORD 4723 . The NORD 4723 designates that it was produced and issued under that Navy contract number between November 1943 and July 1944 . Further markings of B.M. Co. and the stylized V P logo indicate the Beckwith Mfg Co. a division of Victory Plastics was the producer of this item.

By looking closely at the inside webbing of the scabbard you will see the personal markings made by the original soldier issued this knife. I cannot make out the name or rank, but I always thought it made this M.K.1 a real piece of history.

I would rate the overall condition of this knife at about a 6 out of 10; with the real potential for restoration to a 8 or 9!

I included a very low starting bid, so someone may get a real deal.

I will answer all questions to the best of my ability. Thank you for looking and

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