US Navy NAS Miramar Fightertown Officers Club Shirt - New! RARE! F-14 Tomcat

ULTRA RARE~! Genuine original U.S. Navy, Naval Air Station Miramar official " Fightertown Officers' Club " T-shirt obtained directly from the Miramar Fightertown O' Club back in 1993. This shirt is new-old-stock from the year 1993-94 and was purchased directly from the Officers' Club - at the legendary NAS Miramar! I can't even fully describe how rare this shirt is to get... even back then, and then to find now, 20 years later, in brand new, unworn condition!

I was fortunate enough to some friends in the Fightertown Tomcat Community, and was invited to parties at the old Miramar O'Club when I got this shirt. These shirts are generally unavailable to the public, as you had to first get on base, second get into the Officers' Club, when the souvenier table was being operated (usually at night or during a party), and then you could possibly get one of these... 21 years ago!

This shirt is a new-old-stock high quality pre-shrunk 100% cotton ONEITA Power-T shirt in size X-Large. All the thick silk screened artwork on the shirt it crisp and rough as you would expect of a brand new shirt. Shirt is gray with a black and green F-14 Pilot / Fightertown Officers' Club logo on the left breast. The front logo measures approximately 4.25" wide by 9.5" high. On the back is a silk screened image of an F-14 Tomcat with five F-14 aviators
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