Navy SEAL designed "Observe Everything * Admire Nothing" Patch (Blackwater,PMC)

Up for grabs is a patch I never thought I would list, but times have called for many things to go. This is your chance to add this brand new, never mounted, and pristine patch designed by former Navy SEAL and head of the SEAL Sniper Program...Brandon Webb. (tip of the hat out of respect) Brandon Webb is somewhat of a legend in the SEAL community as he not only ran the SEAL Sniper program after being asked by NSW, but he is the man who trained both Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell when they went through the program.
NOTE: The patch measures roughly 3in. by 3 in.
This patch is EXTREMELY high quality, as are all of the patches he designed, as very high quality materials were used. You will see this immediately once you hold it in your hand, however you have to see it to truly appreciate it's quality. (Especially if you have had hundreds or morale patches in the past made of your run of the mill materials) I tried to take a close up shot to show the quality, detail, and craftsmanship but a photo does not do it justice.
Now on to the design, my favorite part. The patch is on a white back ground, which is a bold move but it is made so well it pulls it off well. In the center is a skull that has the American Flag designed into it's borders. (The meaning behind this can be interpreted in a number of ways, but i'll leave it
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