US Navy UDT Seal Horse Collar Swim Flotation Life Vest

PRICE SLASHED!!! was 100.00

US Navy UDT Seal Horse Collar Swim Flotation Vest. Manufactured Jan 1987. DLA700-85-C-2651, Mil-L-15581J.

Rubber Crafters of West Virginia Inc. Property of US Navy. Belt and storage pouch show most of wear from storage but the inside goods (the vest) is in great condition. This vest does inflate!!! Does not come with co2 cartridge but I manually inflated and it holds air and deflates properly. Have not tested co2 system on it but appears to be operational. The t handle and paracord are in perfect condition. Pouch is connected to vest so you just unfold and you still have your pouch. Pouch can be removed if you remove if off its belt. Vest and pouch have the same numbers.

This vest is an awesome and hard to find collectible and would be great to have in any collection.