NC Folk Pottery 8½" Old Hag by Kathy Richards

NC Folk Pottery 8½" Old Hag by Kathy Richards

Beautiful Catawba Valley Folk Pottery!

Another Quality Item From The Catawba Trader! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Catawba Valley Pottery

the Tradition continues

NC Folk Pottery 8½ " Ole' Hag
'Vinegar Jug'
by Kathy Kennedy Richards
Outstanding Brown Glaze
Nice Decorations & Sculpture
Measures 8½" High!
Hand Signed On The Bottom By Kathy Richards
Perfect Condition & Guaranteed!

This is another UNIQUE Folk Pottery Item by potter, Kathy Richards. The Glaze is beautiful!

This a very collectible example of Catawba Valley Folk Pottery by fourth generation potter Kathy Kennedy Richards. This jug has a nice tan glaze. It is stamped on the bottom, "Kathy Richards Lincolnton, N. C.".

Kathy Richards, Lincoln County, NC
Kathy Kennedy Richards is a fourth generation potter who was self taught and continues the family tradition of pottery making that was established in the 1800's by her great grandfather Julius Alexander Kennedy-Then by her grandfather David Alexander Kennedy, and great uncle Bulo Kennedy with the successful Kennedy Pottery in Wilkesboro, NC and her father Dewey Lee Kennedy (1900 - 1969).
Kathy was born in Catawba County in 1942-grew up on a farm and listened to stories
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