NC Southern Pottery Character Face Jug Skull Folk Art

Welcome Folks! we have poor Dwight Knight. Better known as a fright that came about as a result of a bar fight one night. His tale of woe is recorded : He came into town a little too soon...Runnin' hard on a Harley headin' for a saloon...A wild, silly hillbilly by the name of Wilkes Willy..had a little too much of that moonshine Stilly..He stared hard at the rambling man coming through the door, Dwight was his name, and he felt a chill to the core...They sized each other up and layed their cards on the table..Dwight had the hand that made old Willy unstable...Grabbing poor Dwight by the end of his ear....He flung him around the room, not realizing then..That would be his doom!...Now his headstone reads " lies Dwight Knight..Done got caught a bar fight...Now he ain't nothin'...But a big dang Fright!" This wild piece of Southern pottery is from the creative imagination of Greg Mathis. A relative newcomer to the field, he is self-taught and has recently acquired his own kiln to turn out these creations. In the best of Southern tradition, his work has inspired a co-worker (me) to turn out stories to accompany the pieces. This piece measures 6 inches tall and is about 7 inches across from ear to ear. It is a clay speckled cream earthenware with a self-mixed glaze. His insignia "G" is on the back and it is signed and dated

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