NCE PH Pro 5 AMP DCC System with ProCab Remote NEW

NCE Powerhouse Pro 5 AMP
DCC System - Starter System
with ProCab Remote which is DIGITRAX, ATLAS,
LENZ Compatible and the system can
be easily upgraded in the future .
This NCE DCC System is Factory BRAND NEW
in Original Box and Never Used.

The NCE Powerhouse Pro DCC System's are widely regarded as the most
'user-friendly' DCC system hands down.
It has 'single-button' access to 13 functions, conveniently
grouped buttons for easy consisting, redundant controls
for headlight, horn & bell.

The NCE Power Pro is for N, HO & S Scale train layouts and
a 10 amp version for large scales in either a tethered or
duplex wireless format makes it a great choice for the
operator who wants to get the most out of his locomotives.

- Integrated Command Station and 5 AMP Power Station
- NCE's famous ProCab (with digital encoder speed control)
- Cab Bus Fascia Panel (Model # UTP)
- Connecting Cables.
a). One (1) Telephone Cord for ProCab which is flexable
b). Two (2) Telephone Cords for UTP Panel
- 100+ Page System Manual

The Power Pro System features:

Full advanced master series command station capability.
That adds: Operation with up to fifty cabs 6 Loco recall feature for all cabs Expanded
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