NEAR MINT 100 lb. SWEDISH SODERFORS Blacksmith Anvil

Matchlessantiques is offering collectors and smiths this Near Mint 100 lb. SWEDISH Cast Steel SODERFORS blacksmith anvil. Soderfors is one of the "Best" anvils ever produced anywhere. It is made of Solid Swedish Tool Steel which is one of the best steels made. This anvil has only a few light nicks on the edges. The horn and table don't show any use marks. The upper sides of the edges have been dressed, but it's not real noticable. It would make an excellent addition to any blacksmith shop. Please take a real close look at the pictures. Don't miss this chance to own it and bid to win.

This anvil was made in Falun, Sweden by Soderfors Bruks Akkticbolag and according to Richard Postman's book "Anvils in America", this Swedish anvil manufacturer claims to have made anvils since about 1200 A.D. Postman states, "it has been my observation that they (Soderfors) are of excellent quality and hold up well under heavy use". Soderfors were generally sold under the brand name Paragon, but also manufactured anvils for the Columbian Hardware Company. They also sold anvils under their own trademark, Soderfors.

This anvil's trademark reads SODERFORS, SWEDEN on one side and SODERFORS, SWEDEN, 100 LBS., 1929, 2 on the other side. The front foot also has the date 1929 stamped on it along with a backwards B.

Measurements are:
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