Near Mint, Working 1925 Crosley Pup Radio w/PS, More

Superb, original Crosley Pup "sky terrier" battery radio in excellent working condition. The radio comes with a DC power supply, professional reproductions of two early Crosley brochures and three tubes -- a brass base tipped 201A Radiotron (good emissions), a bakelite base WX-12 (good emissions) and a brass base tipped WD-12 Radiotron display tube (open filament). The radio has been tested with a longwire outdoor antenna and it still works very well, pulling in near and distant stations both day and night.

As you can see in the photographs, the condition of this radio is outstanding and 100% original. T are no paint touch-ups anyw, all four original battery wires are still present, and all four original voltage tags remain on the hook-up wires. The entire paper label remains intact on the underside of the metal base, and the metal base itself retains virtually all of its orignal black paint.

Inside, everything works as it should. The rheostat rotates smoothly and regulates voltage properly, the book condenser opens and closes properly as the cam turns, and stations stay put once they are tuned. The metal case has been babied for the past 80 years, and the original black crackle paint is neither scuffed nor flaking. The power supply comes in an appropriately compact black case, with antique binding posts, and is
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