Nearly Complete Gi-Joe Comic Collection Image & DDP

is my personal collection of Gi-Joe Comic Books by Image and DDP (Devils Due) Comics. These have been bagged, boarded and carefully stored. All are in Mint Condition in my opinion. You get a lot of Gi-Joe story including the rise of Cobra, Snake Eyes origin, the rise and fall of Destro, the paralyzation of Hawk, the death of Lady Jaye and much, much more... goes:

Gi-Joe A Real American Hero: (Image 1-25 / DDP 26-43 / missing only issue #37)

Gi-Joe Declassified (DDP): 1 & 2 / Scarlett One Shot / Dreaknoks One Shot / Snake Eyes 1-6

Gi-Joe Reloaded (DDP): 1-14 (missing only issue #6)

Gi-Joe Special Missions (DDP): #1 / Tokyo One Shot / Antartica One Shot

Gi-Joe Frontline (Image): 1-18

Master and Apprentice Vol.1 (Focus on Snake Eyes): 1-4

Master and Apprentice Vol.2 (Focus on Storm Shadow): 1-4

Valor vs. Venom Exclusive comic that came with the Ninja Action Figure Set

Gi-Joe America's Elite (DDP): 1-19

Gi-Joe America's Elite Data Dest Hand Book #1

Gi-Joe America's Elite 25cent book New Beginning #1

Gi-Joe America's Elite 25cent book Hunt for Cobra Commander #1

Gi-Joe Sigma Six (DDP): 1-6

Cobra Reborn #1

Gi-Joe Reborn #1

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