Necchi BF Mira sewing machine for heavy duty sewing, pro serviced,Made in Italy

Necchi BF Mira Vintage sewing machine for sewing of heavy materials

Necchi BF Mira È una bella macchina da cucire! Serial # M815811 made in Pavia Italy in May 1954 and without any doubts isa Lamborghini of sewing machines . To completely understand what kind of sewing machine is being offered for sale, you must read the following short description of history (no matter how boring it may sound at first glance):

The Necchi company was founded in 1919 on the Singer model and became extremely popular in Italy and in Europe. In the middle of 30’s its technical director, Emilio Cerri, came from FIAT and implemented a company reorganization target to improve both the manufacturing process and the products itself. After the WW II Necchi held a good position in the sewing machines market . In 1955 under Marcello Nizzoli Necchi continue the implementation of these important changes .By standardizing the different sewing machine components and by assessing them in terms of the harmonization of the manufacturing process, setbacks were avoided in the production that might be caused by the designers. The aim was to increase productivity through transforming the mechanical production into a “flow production”. Of course, The European Recovery Program sponsored by US government and financial support together with a drastic improvement
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