NECCHI Supernova Ultra truly "ULTRA" & in Ultra Cond

We have a Necchi Supernova Ultra

Made in Italy

Very near Perfect Condition

An Incredible Machine

with Lots of extras

& We can still get it t for


This one is in remarkably good condition. It runs like a top.

If you are you probably know all about the Necchi

I'll add some of many comments:

First let me say.

This is not the machine to buy unless you know it has been completely and I mean completely cleaned & adjusted. Most of the machines of this era that are in great cosmetic condition, are that way because they have seen little use. That's great, except that the 40yr old oil has turned to glue. It is very easy to get the needle working & show a couple stitches on an old napkin, but how about all those other little moving parts. On a machine like this t are at least 100 or so connections that must be looked at & they are not that easy to find & fix or degrease. T are only a couple eBay guys that spend the time needed to do this. I'm one of them. Just to send it to the repair shop for a tune-up is not enough. Unless you ask for a complete overhaul & plan to spend $$$$ it may work, but it will not be right. This & all my machines are right & work as intended.

The Necchi has become may favorite,
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