Negima!? sexy swimsuit posters COMPLETE SET & MORE!!!

This auction is for the complete set of Mahou Sensei Negima!? very sexy swimsuit posters from Megami Magazine. Included will be 16 double-sided posters of all the girls from the popular anime series, as well as the Character & Story Perfect Guide insert booklet, and a very sexy giant pinup of Asuna Kagurazaka.
The double sided posters are about 11.5 x 17 inches, and the giant Asuna pinup is about 20.5 x 29 inches.
This is the only copy I have available for sale. I will NOT sell the posters individually.
Check out the pictures below to see what items you are getting.
Asuna, Ayaka, Yue, and Nodoka Chao, Satomi, Satsuki, and Haruna Misa, Konoka, Ku Fei, and Setsuna Sakurako, Madoka, Kaede, and Mana Yuuna, Akira, Zazie, and Natsumi Ako, Makie, Chizuru, and Kazumi Fuuka, Fumika, Evangeline, and Nekane Chisame, Misora, Sayo, and Chachamaru Giant Asuna pinup Character & Story Perfect Guide Complete Book