Neil Eyre Japanese Pond KOI FISH Overlay Gold LE 6

KOI CROSSING by Neil Eyre of EYRE DESIGNS and current artist for HARMONY KINGDOM. This GOLD & SILVER painted marble/resin figure is Limited Edition to 6 pieces! The pieces are ALL HAND-MADE & HAND-PAINTED. This is the 4th year Neil has had his own members only club, with memberships still available. Neil used to be an artist for Face Pots a division of Peggy Davies Co. Neil puts a tremendous amount of detail in his work for his co. and for Harmony Kingdom. Neils pieces are all painted by him and him alone! As a result, he will be limiting everything to NO more than 50 PIECES of any design. His OVERLAY finish is a metallic look and is all finished by hand and not brush. Take a look at both his regular hand paint and overlay finishes. We DO COMBINE shipping and we Ship Worldwide! If you have any questions or are looking for a particular piece, please feel free to email or phone us 8503193148. Thank you, Anfe'

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