All listed items have come from the seller's memorabilia shop or his own personal collection which is now sold as an estate by family members. The seller has spent the greater part of his life working around music and well known musicians. He has spent 30 some years collecting autographs through his personal connections in the music industry. He also attended countless record shows, private auctions, music conventions and memorabilia sales events. He was well respected in the world of music for his honesty, integrity and ability to attain the very best from some of the greatest musicians that ever graced out planet.

Keep in mind, most of the memorabilia was signed either backstage or during an artist's autograph session. None of these items ever included a Certificate of Authenticity. Most autographed items rarely do unless it is a scheduled session. If you are uncomfortable without a COA accompanying the item, then PLEASE DO NOT BID . We can assure you that each autographed piece of music history was well preserved with great care and respect.

Due to the recent circumstances, unfortunately the great story behind the item is no longer available to the public. This we are very sad about because sharing those stories was an absolute joy for this seller as was to his customers.

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