Neil Young ZUMA Album ART Repainted by James Mazzeo

This was originally painted on 22" x 30" 140 lb paper in November 2006 by James Mazzeo. It became so popular among Neil Young fans, the artist decided to make this into a low-cost Poster so everyone could enjoy it. This is an 18" x 24" poster on Heavy Kromekote Plus paper. It is signed and numbered (This one is #293) by James Mazzeo who did the Album Cover art for "Zuma" & "Greendale" along with various other music related over the years. Mazzeo also played Earl Green in the Neil Young Greendale Movie.

This is Framed in a $25.00 value frame. It is nice. This poster is signed by James Mazzeo #293

Any serious Neil Young fan must have this poster. Learn more about the poster and other Music Related Fine Art Prints at

The framed poster is packaged in bubble wrap and newspaper inside a large 30" x 24" x 5" box weighing about 8 pounds. If shipping or price is too expensive, consider buying without the frame at