Neiman Marcus Thunderbird 2002 Limited Edition Car

Rode's has a beautiful limited edition 2002 Ford Thunderbird diecast car by Neiman Marcus for sale. Our auction comes with the car as shown in the photos below, plus the original box and the hardtop cover. Neiman Marcus has created a masterpiece with this 2002 Thunderbird edition car. Wheels rotate when steering wheel is turned. Trunk and engine hoods can be opened as well as each side door. The car is 1/18th scale.

Neiman Marcus put a lot of attention to getting all the details of the Thunderbird when they commissioned this car. Look at the photos and you will be amazed at the detailing of the car. Our car is in excellent condition. The original box shows wear and has some marks on it but is still very nice.

If you have any questions that we may answer regarding this auction, then please contact us at . Please check out our other auctions under our user ID: rodecamera. Thank you for your time and we hope you have a great day.