Nelson McCoy Pottery Matte Console Bowl - No Reserve

Hello, for auction is a very nice, and very clean console centerpiece bowl from about 1925, made by Nelson McCoy, and signed. It is in the highly collectable matte finish, and a very subtle pale pastel yellow color. The design is like a cross between an organic vine or growing plant, and art deco swirls.........very cool in any case. A couple of the pictures show the makers mark of an upper case N over upper case M, on the bottom......typical for Nelson - McCoy pottery. This piece of early American pottery is in mint condition. It has some spots w the glaze bubbled a little during the firing process, but zero after market damage. It is a nice size at about 8 inches in diameter, and 3 inches tall. Modest opening bid for a nice piece of original Nelson McCoy pottery that displays quite nicely, and at no reserve.

P.S. F.Y.I. I just want everyone to understand that the opening bid for my items is not intended to establish value, the opening prices are all low, or very modest in an attept to control E-Bay's fees.........which can really get up t sometimes. Also by the way my items are all listed without Reserve as well................No Reserve, and low opening prices for all of my items, so if you want visit my other items at: /_W0QQsassZjeffblakemanQQhtZ-1