NESR - UKC Bloodlines Magazine - August 1946. Pit Bull cover!

These old Bloodlines magazines are great for breed historians. I'm selling off some of the dozens I've collected researching English Shepherds. The cover is loose on this issue but otherwise it is in great shape, especially for a 50 year old magazine. It has 26 pages that are jammed packed with dog info.

The dog on the cover is "Gallaher's Brutus" UKC 280-654 who was owned by V. J Gallager of Galveston, TX.

This issue starts with an interesting article "Our American (Pit) Bull Terrier" by J.W. Laird about the past and future of the breed. There are a number of other smaller Pit Bull articles and letters plus 5 pages of ads wit photos.

Then it's on to the coon hounds, the other big breed in the Bloodlines magazines. This issue has mostly Redbone and Blue Tick information; but Black & Tans are also in there. There's a whole section for Plott Hounds, too.

There's an article about Hunting Cockers (that's hunting *with* Cockers, not hunting *for* them), American Eskimos, Basset Hounds, Toy Fox Terriers, and American Toy Terriers. And a little bit about American Water Spaniels.

There are ads for all these breeds, many with pictures, plus ads for German Shepherds, English Shepherds, and Beagles. Plus hundres of small classified ads for many more UKC breeds.

The magazine is in an archival sleeve

50% of the winning bid will be donated to National English Shepherd Rescue (

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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