Nevada Fulgurite 37.8 Grams #1810

Explaining a Fulgurite..... Fused quartz sand tubes created when lightning strikes the ground. Given the right conditions, such as sandy soil like that found on a beach, the lightning bolt's path is scorched vertically into the earth, preserved as a network of delicate glassy tubes called Fulgurite. The name was coined in the 19th century...Fulgurite is Latin for "Lightning". Fulgurites form when lightning melts and fuses mineral grains in the sand. Knobby and Branched resembling tree roots, they can penetrate several meters to a few feet. Energy required to create a Fulgurite vary, but the temperature reached is thought to be between 3000 and 4000 degrees Celcius. This beautiful creation is from Northern Nevada, and weighs 37.8 Grams ....... Good Luck, and Happy Hunting!